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01 May

Welcome to Fang Records

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Thanks for visiting classic Downtown NYC alternative indie CD label FANG RECORDS, a key label in the alternative rock/world/experimental music scene of the ’90s & 2000s. Much of this catalog is archival, but we have recently released 3 new CDs by classic Fang artists: Swirled World by Church of Betty, We Already Have Birds That Sing by Life in a Blender, and Naked Rapture by Iconoclast. Download Swirled World here and click the bands’ individual pages to order discs.

Fang’s landmark contribution to alternative music was the production and release of the seminal Mommyheads album ‘Acorn’ (1989). This coincided with the explosion of a vibrant grassroots music scene in downtown New York of which Fang was at the center, producing albums and shows by a plethora of truly groundbreaking underground bands (see ‘Story of Fang’ The Mommyheads went on to pursue an inspiring decade-long national indie career. Long out of print, ‘Acorn’ is finally available for download online at

Over the years, Fang has lived through an expansion and, for the moment, a contraction. The label always operated as an independent co-op (rather than a formal business) making quality music available that would not be heard otherwise. Proprietor Chris Rael maintains this site so the resilient core veterans of our alternative music scene continue to make their wares available. Many great Fang artists – among them 101 Crustaceans, Penny Arcade, Jayne County and Hal Willner – are out of print at this moment, which doesn’t mean their discs won’t be re-printed later. If you have questions about artists not currently listed on this site, email

In the Fang tradition, Rael has posted dozens of videos of great indie New York performers in the early naughties from his curations for the Howl! Festival, various Fang events & collaborations with Penny Arcade’s Lower East Side Biography Project. See exciting footage of great under-the-radar artists like John Dyer, Rachel Loshak, Rima Fand, Marlon Cherry, Johnny Society, Bina Sharif, early My Brightest Diamond, Church of Billy, Penny Arcade, Austin Hughes of VPN, Tim Thomas and Rose Thomson of Babe the Blue Ox, Rebecca Moore, Eszter Balint, 101 Crustaceans, Brian Dewan, Bradford Reed, late Beat poet Marty Matz, and excerpts from Rael’s latest video projects: ‘Araby’, his chamber musical based on James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’, and ‘Far Away Home’, his autobiographical doc discovering his Spanish/Chicano/Sephardic roots in New Mexico & Spain, all at