Michael Holt

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Ecstatic singer/songwriter/pianist Michael Holt has been part of Fang’s beating heart since the early days. Leader of New York’s legendary Connotations, Michael met Chris Rael while recording his classic Pajama Garden, released on Fang in ’91. He also worked extensively with Oren Bloedow and was a member of Church of Betty around this time. A few years later, he headed west with drummer Dan Fisherman to join the second (and enduring) generation of the Mommyheads, with whom he still plays. Michael has released an array of other solo works, two on Fang, the rest available at his web page below. Pajama Garden is an intimate and experimental, 22-song journey into its own magical world of colors and shapes. Named after the band Michael formed with Fisherman and Bloedow, the album features contributions from many other New York experimental pop scenesters at the time, including Rael. Released in 2003, Pilot Single was recorded in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto with Michael’s friends from each of these cities, while he was in the process of moving from the US to Canada. It is a lush, creative pop album with lyrics that speak so personally, they offend the tastes of the ultra-cool (“there are lines here that he should be genuinely ashamed of” – Exclaim Magazine). We, however, may thrill to its rare and courageous intimacy.

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Pilot Single

Pilot Single CD (2003) $14.00






Pajama Garden

Pajama Garden (1991) $19.00





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